Regen is driven by two passions

To maximise the value of waste as a resource

To minimise the impact of waste on our environment

We are constantly reviewing new technologies to deliver innovative recycling solutions. Every day Regen helps to enrich UK soils, to reduce the volume of material that goes to landfill, and to generate significant quantities of renewable energy.

These are all actions that help Regen to reduce CO2 emissions (by over 12,500 tonnes in 2017), and to mitigate the risk posed by global warming.

To our customers, Regen is a creative, flexible and extremely reliable service provider, ready to react 24 hours a day, committed to the highest levels of compliance, and helping them to achieve their own environmental goals. If Regen sounds like the sort of partner you would like to work with, please contact us.

Whites Recycling
Axil Integrated Services
Fernbrook Bio

Regen invests in companies that share our passions. We bring expertise and capital to help release innovation and growth. If you are interested in knowing more, please contact us.

Whites Recycling is a liquid waste management specialist, and the UK market leader in recycling liquid organic wastes and products to agricultural land.

Whites’ customers operate in food & drink processing and retailing; and in the water utility, anaerobic digestion and waste management industries. Jointly they generate 1.5million cubic meters of organic liquids which Whites removes from their sites 24/7 using its fleet of 80 tankers.

Liquids are recycled by Whites to farm land in a process that helps to enrich soils and deliver plant nutrients, displacing some chemical fertilisers, and delivering agricultural benefit to crops and commercial benefits to farmers.

Whites Recycling

Whites is able to conduct agricultural spreading operations in 20 locations simultaneously. It has invested heavily in recent years in a nationwide network of storage lagoons; and in modern agricultural equipment capable of spreading with precision on up to 36m tramlines. Some liquids are taken to treatment, including anaerobic digestion.

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Axil Integrated Services is a specialist in total waste management, delivering environmentally sustainable, cost-effective solutions to a wide range of industry sectors including manufacturing, medical, aerospace and food & drink processing.

Axil delivers recycling, recovery, treatment, and disposal for all types of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes; and operates across the UK with a central hazardous waste transfer station in Cannock.

Axil Integrated Services

Axil help their clients to drive cost from their businesses by enabling them to understand and control their waste better. They work with clients to achieve ‘zero waste to landfill’ targets through increased recycling, and deliver enhanced, transparent compliance – with the required documentation and reporting, and complete traceability. Axil will often embed its own people onto client sites as part of the service that they provide.

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Fernbrook Bio is an anaerobic digester in the Midlands. It takes a range of organic food wastes; and produces renewable power and a nutrient-rich bio-fertiliser (“digestate”).

Fernbrook is one of 30 AD plants which receive organic feedstocks from Whites Recycling. Whites also manage the operations and maintenance of the plant; and delivers a full digestate management service.

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